Basic & Advanced Obedience

We understand that every dog is unique, with their individual
skill levels, behavior traits, and training goals.
That's why we offer the opportunity for you to design your own program with our
"customized curriculum" option, where we tailor our training approach
specifically to YOUR dog.

Additionally, we provide our pre-designed courses for Levels 1, 2, and 3
(basic, intermediate, and advanced) to suit your needs and preferences.

Pre-designed Courses (Levels 1-3)

Basic Obedience Level 1:

Basic Obedience Level 2:

Basic Obedience Level 3:

Customized Curriculum

Customized Curriculum: 

Not all dogs fit neatly into a predefined course. That's where our customized curriculum comes in. We understand that your dog may have unique training requirements and goals. Whether you need to address specific behavior issues, refine certain skills, or have other specialized needs, our experienced trainers will work with you to create a tailored training plan.

We will utilize our FREE consultation to assess your dogs behavior and skill set, learn more about your training goals, and also discuss a desired budget.
We then use this knowledge to draft a plan that will yield the best results. You are able to make modifications to the plan before starting to make sure it's the perfect fit. 

Why Choose Us?

All of our training sessions are one-on-one with the dog and family members

 Custom Sessions
Each  session is tailored to the dog's specific needs and learning ability

Private Training
Our training takes place in-home as well as outings including parks, stores, and other places they may need work

 Safe and Positive Training
At Canine Uplifted, we use 100% positive reinforcement training and prioritize the integrity and mental health of the dogs