Board and Train 

At Canine Uplifted, we are proud to offer a LIMITED space board and train program that provides a unique and highly effective approach to dog training.
Our board and train program is designed to ensure that your beloved canine companion receives top-quality training in a comfortable, home-like setting.
We are dedicated to creating an enriching and positive environment for your dog's growth and development.
Our calendar fills up quickly, so be sure to save your spot as soon as possible!

Key Features

In-Home Boarding:

Unlike traditional boarding facilities where your dog may be left in a kennel or facility, our board and train program takes place in the trainer's home. This means your dog will experience a familiar, homey environment throughout their stay, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure.

Comprehensive Training:

Training is not limited to set sessions but occurs throughout the day in all life experiences. This immersion-style training allows your dog to learn and practice new skills in various real-life situations, preparing them for the challenges they'll face when they transition back into their own home.

Positive Reinforcement:

ALL of our training methods are 100% positive reinforcement. We firmly believe that promoting a positive and nurturing learning environment is essential for the mental health and well-being of your furbaby. Our trainers use rewards, praise, and gentle guidance to encourage desired behaviors, ensuring that your dog feels loved and supported throughout the training process.


Why Choose Us?

All of our training sessions are one-on-one with the dog and family members

 Custom Sessions
Each  session is tailored to the dog's specific needs and learning ability

Private Training
Our training takes place in-home as well as outings including parks, stores, and other places they may need work

 Safe and Positive Training
At Canine Uplifted, we use 100% positive reinforcement training and prioritize the integrity and mental health of the dogs